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Paving Slab Support Pads and Levelling Shims





Paving support pads, description 



 Paving slab support pods allow the easy placement of paving slabs on roofs, plaza decks, balconies,
 verandas, courtyards and walkways.

 The pads ensure rapid drainage of surface water .

 Reconstruction of old terracced areas is also possible.



Usage of paving support pads

 Pads on the upper surface have four lugs to provide regular spacing between paving slabs.

 It is important to ensure that the first row of slabs are laid carefully.

 There is not mechanical fixing requiered. The surface is secured by the weight of the slab.

 Where the deck is not entirely level, leveling shims allow for fine adjustment.




Stackable paving support pads for various hight


 Some paving support pads are produced for interlock when stacking.

 On this way various hights can be achieved from 14 mm upwards.



Further advantages of paving support pads

 o Paving support pads enable simple installation and reduces time and labour.

 o Water drainage below the paving level

 o Paving support pads are extremly tough

 o Incorporatet grooves avoids puddling on the under surface

 o Sound und vibration insulation

 o Resistance to extreme hot and cold weather conditions

 o Paving support pads and levelling shims can easily be broken into halve and quarters 
    for using at the sides and corners

 o Easy maintenance allowing any slab to be removed for repairs


Levelling shims to compensate the unevenness

 Where the deck is not entirely level, levelling shims allow for fine adjustment. 

 Levelling shims can be inserted between the paving support pads and the paving slabs.



 They also serve to compensate for the thickness tolerance of the paving slabs. 

 Up to 6 levelling shims can be used, where it is required.








Paving Support Pads

 height  material  head diameter  lug width  lug height  useable slabs
   9 mm  1)  polyethylen  125 mm  4 mm  18 mm  30 x 30 cm
 40 x 40 cm
 14 mm  2)  PVC  150 mm  4 mm  10 mm  50 x 50 cm 
 1) fixed hight paving support pads                       2) stackable paving support pads




Levelling Shims

 height  material  head diameter  useable
 lug width
 useable pads  useable slabs
 2,5 mm  polyethylen  150 mm  4 mm 
 4 mm
 125 mm
 150 mm
 30 x 30 cm
 40 x 40 cm
 50 x 50 cm




Offers of terraces with paving slabs 45 cm x 45 cm 

   1.   66 paving support pads for 110 sq.ft. to   57 EUR 
      these are  5 x 10 =   50 paving slabs  
    2. 117 paving support pads for 265 sq.ft. to   80 EUR
      these are  8 x 12 =   96 paving slabs       
  3. 153 paving support pads for 282 sq.ft. to   86 EUR
      these are  8 x 16 = 128 paving slabs         
  4. 234 paving support pads for 450 sq.ft. to 103 EUR
      these are 12 x 17 = 204 paving slabs         
  5. 352 paving support pads for 695 sq.ft. to 147 EUR
      these are 15 x 21 = 315 paving slabs            
 Levelling shims to 0.30 EUR / unit
  All prices include german VAT (19 %), packing and shipping
  base : 1.00 EUR = 0.80 GBP

  If the above offers not solve your problem, please

  ask for a special offer for your terrace or balcony at

   Tel. 0351 2768 980  oder eMail

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 Bau-Consult Hoeppner
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